Sliders Pedal Buggies

Experience Heritage Forest on Pedal Buggies!

Introducing a fun new outdoor experience - hire a Pedal Buggy and zip around Launceston's Heritage Forest on our two selected tracks.

Our buggies can cater for most family combinations - why not visit us today!

Buggy Prices

60 Mins 30 Mins
Family Buggy 2 Adults + 2 Children $45 $30
Family Buggy 4 Adults + 2 Children $60 $40
Tandem 2 Seat $35 $25
Side Car 2 Seat $35 $25
3 Wheelers 1 Seat $25 $15
Kids 4 Wheelers $20 $12

Buggy Rules

Buggies will not be hired out unless the hire agreement is signed and some form of photographic identification and current mobile phone number are provided.

Normal road rules apply. Give way to the right. Give way to pedestrians and all other vehicles. Heritage Forest service vehicles may, from time to time operate in the area.

Heritage Forest is a venue for several different activities, such as cross country and orienteering events. Please allow these events right of way. Buggy operations may sometimes be suspended to allow these events to proceed.

Buggies must always be operated at a safe speed. Racing or reckless driving will not be tolerated and the management reserves the right to withdraw the unit from hire without refund at any time.

The displayed routes are chosen to provide the flattest course through the forest, please stick to them. Public toilets are available en route and are displayed on the map.

Helmets are provided and it is compulsory that they be worn. We can provide them or you are welcome to bring your own. Under helmet hair protectors are available free of charge if required.

Make sure you are familiar with the operation of your buggy especially the method of breaking as this can vary depending on the buggy type.

Buggies must not leave the Heritage Forest area.

All contact between buggies must be avoided and the cost of any damage sustained to any buggy during hire will be met by the hirer.

Please remain seated at all times.

On the family buggies the seats at the front are for the use of small children only. Restraining devices are fitted for children.

Do not leave the buggies unattended with children on board.